Do you often have spam or unidentified calls? Do you want to block them or other annoying telephone contacts? There is a way to do it with Truecaller apk, the latest APK 10.5.7 (1005007). It is an application for the smartphone that helps identify the information of the following callers; It is not even in the contacts of your phone. This caller ID application will show you the numbers, names, photos, addresses, location, emails and even the operators of callers. Now you will see that the “Private Number” or “Anonymous” pop-up of the incoming call will no longer appear.

Truecaller: caller ID and dialer review

As mentioned above, Truecaller apk for Android helps you see the full contact of the caller ID that you have not previously saved. Therefore, you can avoid receiving possible spam calls from sellers by phone, calls of fraud or harassment. This service application created by the community allows you to mark spam or unwanted calls, so you will be notified when the same number calls again. Although you may have some problem with privacy and security identification, but you do not care, you will get a great experience when installing this application. The general interface is simple, minimal and quite intuitive, along with several essential features.

The blocking function in this application uses its huge directory of vendors by phone and the database of people who call spam for their region. If you receive many spam calls, you can even create a blacklist for the spam list. When you have activated the lock function, unwanted callers will only hear the busy tone on your end when they call you, as long as you do not hear anything. You can also choose to receive notification about your calls or simply ignore the notification not activated. Not only blocking calls, but this application can also block SMS directly from the application.

In advance, if you already get the number or the name of unwanted people, you can search for it in this application. Simply entering the number, you can also check the other information attached, such as the name, the telephone company or even the profile picture. In addition, this application works as a directory in which you can search for any contact information of any person or institution. When you look at the contact, you can see presence detection to verify if the identification of your friends or colleagues is available for a conversation. In addition, you can also recommend contacts or send friend requests to the contact available in the directory.

Truecaller Pros:

  • Reliable to identify and block spammers
  • Simple and minimal user interface
  • It works as a telephone directory help to find any contact information.
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Truecaller Cons:

  • It may be inaccurate in certain cases
  • Pop-up ads
  • Privacy, security and intrusion issues

How to use the Truecaller app

This application is simple and quick to configure. Once you finish downloading and installing, you must register your new account by entering your country and phone number, or using the Facebook account as a login for a more personal experience. Next, enable “Advanced Search” to help improve the accuracy of call identification. To look at the main interface, simply scroll through the introduction. Make sure your connection (3G, 4G or Wi-Fi) is active to get the live caller ID from the database.

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