It’s always boring when you can not watch videos on YouTube because there’s no data connection, right? However, you can still satisfy your entertainment needs by first downloading the videos using TubeMate 3.1 (1053) APK 2018 latest version. With this YouTube Downloader, you can download YouTube videos to your Android device so you can play them later. In addition, you can also encode the audio of the videos to create an MP3 with the same application. This is definitely a great application, especially if you want to have local copies of the videos without having to worry about connecting to any data network first.

TubeMate review

Unlike other similar apps, Tubemate apk YouTube Downloader actually downloads YouTube videos to your phone. And with an interface similar to that of real YouTube, it is very likely that you will find this application easy to use. Even so, as you move on to watch any video you like, the interface will give you an option to download it. Easy, simple and familiar, using this great downloaded YouTube video will never cause you any problems!

Once the tubemate APK file is downloaded, the installation will take a slightly different method which will be explained later.

While it is true that the application is a really great application. It allows you to enjoy unlimited fun while watching your favorite YouTube videos, even when you are not connected to any Internet connection. However, there are some drawbacks that this downloaded video also carries.


Tubemate Pros

  • Tubemate apk is the only application for the Android operating system that actually downloads YouTube videos on your device.
  • With an interface similar to YouTube, you can also easily browse videos like you do through the official YouTube application.
  • There are multiple connections available for you to download the videos faster.
  • You have the option to pause and resume your download from anywhere.
  • There are several options for video resolution that you can choose from. It supports not only 240p and 360p, but also 1080p high definition, combined with another application called MP3 Media Converter.
  • Although it is best known as an application that allows users to download YouTube videos,
  • you can also download them from other sites, such as Dailymotion and Vimeo.
  • There is a separate section where you can keep track of all the downloaded videos and the download.

TubeMate Cons

  • Even so, not all videos can be downloaded, which is an unfortunate, safe one.
  • As we have indicated previously, you can only download high definition videos with support, since it also requires an MP3 media converter to complete this task.
  • Unfortunately, many users complain about how this application often fails, which means that this application is quite unstable.
  • When downloading videos, it is better for you when you are in a better network (Wi-Fi is preferred), since it is very difficult for users to download when they are in a 2G network.

How to install Tubemate for Android

These are the steps necessary to install Tubemate on your Android device.

  • Make sure you have already downloaded APK.
  • Go to the Settings menu on your device, then open the Security tab. Find the Unknown Fonts option.
  • There is a button right next to the Unknown sources option; Activate it and it will light up.
  • When you activate the button, this means that it allows any application downloaded from outside the Play Store to be installed on your Android device.
  • Go to the location where the APK you have downloaded is stored. Alternatively, simply open it from the Download menu. Tap the file to execute the configuration.
  • Accept the permissions requested by the application and then install the APK file.
  • Wait until the download is complete so that you can finally watch movies and TV shows online directly from your Android device!

How to use

Actually, there is a reason why the Tubemate application has an interface similar to that of the official YouTube mobile application. It is because this video application downloaded for Android device accesses YouTube as an overlay. And as you select a video to download, you will be given two options: view or download a video. And since you are using this application here to download, simply click on the green arrow located at the bottom of your screen. Then, you will find a pop-up window, which offers the two options: Download and View.

Although it allows you to download videos in any quality, it really depends on the source of the video. In addition to that, there are also different transmission options that are similar to the ones you are given when you are downloading any video. All videos downloaded with this application are saved in MP4 format, which can be found in the default video folder.

You can also download MP3 from videos using Tubemate. Keep in mind that the audio quality is very different, depending on the original quality of the video. Even so, the audio quality downloaded from this application may be lower than expected, although you can still hear it anyway. MP3 files downloaded with this application are saved in the MP3 folder of your device.

In general, it is always easy and simple to save and download YouTube videos with this application. Video quality options are widely available, so you can freely choose which one you want to keep on your device, including the high quality one. And although the audio quality is more similar to the transmission previews, this will be enough if you only want to sample the audio clip.

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